Description: The VOS Hohn-Johnson and Wade O. Brinker Research Awards are grants funding research in musculoskeletal conditions in animals.

Funding: The Hohn-Johnson award is limited to $40,000.00.  The Wade O. Brinker Resident award is limited to $12,000.00.  Any additional money needed to complete the research will have to be secured before the VOS research chairman will accept the proposal for evaluation.  Please verify in writing the source and amount of additional funding.

Hohn-Johnson and Wade O. Brinker award principal investigators must be active members of the VOS as of 1st of September in the year of application. For Wade O. Brinker award applications, the resident is designated as the principal investigator.

The research proposed in Hohn-Johnson award applications should be completed within 24 months. The research proposed in Wade O. Brinker award applications should be completed during the Principal Investigator’s residency training program. The timing aspects of the proposed research should be clearly addressed in the timeline section of the proposal.

 Review Process: The VOS research committee reviews the proposals, which are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Relevance to VOS goals and priorities

  • Scientific and technical quality of the idea

  • Scientific and technological quality of the methods

  • Feasibility of accomplishing objectives within the proposed time line

  • Relevance of objectives to current literature

Awards: The outcome of the VOS research committee review will be presented to the Spring VOS Board of Directors and a decision of funding announced at the annual VOS meeting.

Reporting: Annual progress reports, due at the end of May, are required until the project is finished.  Each awardee is strongly encouraged to present the project, data, and conclusions to the VOS membership in the form of a scientific abstract at an annual VOS meeting.  To that end, additional travel funds ($500) are available to the awardee if the final research report is presented first at the VOS annual meeting.

DEADLINE: September 15, 2019

Read the General Guidelines for the Hohn-Johnson and Wade O. Brinker Research Awards (updated 6/10/19).

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