The Veterinary Orthopedic Society is proud to have had the following individuals present Jacques Jenny Lectures at our conferences.

2018 – Scott Banks, PhD
Radiographic Measurement of Skeletal Motion
Stifles and Knees
Robots in Medicine and Imaging
Class-Sourcing Your Research

2017 – James Stannard, MD
Surviving the Night (Trauma)
Biologic Replacement of the Knee
One Health – One Medicine: Collaboration between Veterinary Medicine and Human Medicine to New Discoveries
Stand In The Door – Lessons on Life and Leadership From an Airborne Soldier

2016 – Douglas Beaman, MD
Ankle Arthritis: Distraction and Deformity Correction
Concepts in Osteomyelitis
Calcaneal Fractures and Tarsometatarsal Injuries
Overview of Ring External Fixation for Lower Extremity Trauma

2015 – Roy D. Altman, MD
Arthritis and Rheumatism from Hippocrates to 2015 and the Evolution of the Inflammatory Arthritides
The Normal and Osteoarthritic Diarthrodial Joint
Canine and Lapine Models of Osteoarthritis
Non-surgical Therapy of Osteoarthritis and Inflammatory Arthritides

2014 – Scott Banks, PhD
A Robot in Every Clinic … and Other Engineering Fantasies
Troy Flanagan, PhD
Achieving Breakthroughs in Performance
Charles Ho, PhD, MD
Experiences in Sports Medicine MRI
Dror Paley, MD, FRCSC
Challenges in Human Deformity Correction

2013 – Kevin Stone, MD
The Continuum of Care: Non-operative Solutions for Orthopedic Care
A Human Clinical Perspective on Cartilage Regeneration
Meniscus Repair and Replacement
Development of a Xenograft for ACL Reconstruction

2012 – Dror Paley, MD
The History and Politics of Limb Lengthening
Principles of Deformity Correction
Cutting Edge Techniques in Hip Joint Preservation and Reconstruction
Realignment Techniques for Knee Joint Preservation

2011 – Tom Brown, PhD
The Emu as a Model for Human-like Collapse in Femoral Head Osteonecrosis
Instability and Incongruity as Etiologies of Secondary OA: Lessons from Rabbit Knee Studies
Toward a Large Animal Survival Model of Intra-Articular Fracture
Third-body Acceleration of Wear in Total Hip Arthroplasty

2010 – Ross Wilkins, MD and Stephen Withrow, DVM
Tissue Transplantation: Parts is Parts
Limb Preservation: You’re Going to do What?
Building the Animal Cancer Center: Some Science, Some Stories…Some True
Osteosarcoma: Issues of Life and Limb

2009 – Kurt Spindler, MD
Evidence Based Medicine in Orthopaedics—Why and How?
Multicenter Clinical Studies in Orthopaedics—Why and How?
ACL problems in humans and dogs—Similarities and Differences
Sports Medicine in the Elite Athlete

2008 – Steve Schelkun, MD
Hip Fractures…The Upcoming Epidemic
Fixed Angle Devices, A Paradigm Shift in Internal Fixation, Advances and Clinical Impact
Preoperative Planning-A Logical Approach to Better Surgical Outcomes
50 Years of AO. The Parallel Lives of Veterinary and Human Orthopedic Surgeons

2007 – Michael Mott, MD (with Anthony Shields, MD)
Cancer Screening, Prevention and New Anti-cancer Drugs (Shields)
Advanced Imaging Options (Mott and Shields)
Orthopedic Oncology Cases (Shields)

2006 – Dr. Chris Evans
Molecular Biology and Orthopaedics
Gene Therapy in Orthopaedics

2005 – Dr. Frank Vertosick, Jr.

2004 – Dr. Kevin Smith
Shoulder Biomechanics & Instability Problems – Torn Loose vs. Born Loose
The Rotator Cuff & Related Issues – Do we really know what we are doing?
Shoulder Stiffness – Knowledge, Treatment, & Results
Shoulder Arthritis – Past, Present, & Future

2003 – Dr. Mikhail Samchukov
Distraction osteogenesis and the methods of Ilizarov
Associate Director of Research
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

2002 – Dr. Roger Kruse
The Olympic Experience
Prolotherapy – Does it Work?
Testing and Training: The Elite Athlete
Anti-Aging Principals
What’s New in Orthopedics

2001 – Dr Philip A Davidson
Articular Cartilage Restoration
Meniscal mechanics, repair and restoration (tranplantation)
Current concepts in reconstructive shoulder surgery
Radiofrequency in orthopedics

2000 – Dr Tony Herring, MD
A fight to the finish: The story of polio
Limb deficiencies: The amazing adaptability of children
Legg-Perthes disease-Current concepts
Halo traction for severe spinal deformities

1999 – Dr Gary E. Friedlander, MD
Metastatic Bone diseases
Bone Remodeling and Repair
Bone graft Biology and Clinical Applications
Research: The Nature of Scientific Inquiry

1998 – Dr Lee Osterman, MD
Small joint arthroscopy
Hand infections from bite wounds
State of the art peripheral nerve repair
Methods to inhibit scar tissue formation

1997 – Dr Wayne McIlwraith, DVM, PhD
Medical treatments for traumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis
New techniques for the diagnosis of joint disease
Pathogenesis of traumatic injuries and their surgical management in the equine athlete
Articular cartilage resurfacing: Where are we?

1996 – Dr William Garret, MD, PhD
Muscle Injury
Viscoelasticity and Stretching in Muscle
Condrolamination Injuries
Muscle and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

1995 – Dr Mark Bolander, MD
Regulation of fracture healing by growth factors, Part I
Regulation of fracture healing by growth factors, Part II
Use of demineralized bone graft in reconstructive surgery at the Mayo Clinic

1994 – Dr Donald L Piermattei
The golden rules of orthopaedics
Rush pins: The forgotten fixation
Forty years of Internal Fixation: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

1993 – Robert Salter, MD
Injuries of the Epiphyseal Plate
Philosophy and Nature of Surgical Research
Clinical and Experimental Interest in Legg-Perthes Disease
Continuous Passive Motion Therapy

1992 – Stephen P. Arnoczky, DVM
The Biology and Biomechanics of Meniscal Injury and Repair
Meniscal Allografts: Where Do We Stand?
Selecting Animal Models for Musculoskeletal Research
Replacing the Cruciate Ligaments: What Does It Take?

1991 – R. Brand, MD
Mathematical Prediction of Hip Muscle and Joint Forces
Effect of Hip Reconstruction on Joint Forces
Does “Stress” Simulate Bone Remodeling
Neurosensory Hypothesis of Ligament Function

1990 – T. Derek V. Cooke, MD
Cartilage Structure and Function
Mechanism of Cartilage Destruction in Inflammatory Immune Arthritis
Rationale for a Tibial Plateau Design
Cruciate Ligament in Control of Varus Motion of the Knee

1989 – U. Heim
History of Internal Fixation of Fractures and of the AO
Classification and Documentation of Fractures in Man
Fractures of the Elbow and Forearm
Treatment of Fractures Involving the Ankle Joint Treatment of Tendon Injuries of the Hand

1988 – Edmund Y.S. Chow, PhD

1987 – John Feagin, MD

1986 – Richard Jones, MD
Acrylic Bone Cement Supplementation for Fracture Fixation
External Skeletal Fixation Arthroscopy

1985 – Howard Rosen, MD

1984 – Wayne Akeson, MD

1983 – Wade O. Brinker, DVM
History of Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery

1982 – Sigvard Hansen

1981 – Ulrich Saxer, MD
Planning and Tactics of Internal Fixation
Open Fractures

1980 – Frank Noyes, MD

1979 – Howard Rosen, MD

1978 – Stephan Perrin, MD

1977 – Howard Rosen, MD
Jacques Jenny
The Correction of Angular and Rotational Deformities of the Extremities